Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Okay so I've done a pretty pathetic job keeping this updated. Thought I'd quickly jot something down before I dash off to start dinner. Have been trying to decide if keeping a blog is what I actually want to do, as absolutally ANYONE can view it, and I'm not so sure that's a great idea. SO decided to restrict updates on my wherabouts and doings to an e-newsletter, and just put random thoughts on my experiances on here. So if your not a random-thought-type-viewer or whatever, this site is no longer for you.
Anyway some wieeeeeerd things have been happening, a lot of which involving my leaving. It's kinda crazy and cool and terrifying at the same time, although I'm not sure how that's possible.
I'm speaking mainly of the freak and massive car wreck me and all my siblings were in, in which I really should have gotten a heck of a lot more than a few scratches a bruises as both cars were totalled. (don't think that's spelled right...) This happened right before a ministry popped up that seems to fit me to a T and a place to stay popped up out of nowhere that's free. Now all I need is for my algrebra stuff to be magically DONE and a few thousand dollers to drop into my lap, and I should be set. :-) Which I know is going to happen (yeah I know. I'm crazy. We knew that) I just don't know HOW yet.
Okay gotta get offline.
Hope yer satisfied Joe. I updated my blog. Enough wise-cracks at church about it, 'kay? Thanx.
Really am leaving this time.
Princess Ouch.