Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Okay I think I said that I'd try to update this at least once a week. I think I should change that to once I month! Maybe then I'll get close to reaching my goal once in a while....
Well, God has been moving like nuts with this whole Romania thing. I'm pretty jazzed. At LifeLight I was jamming with one of my friends at the Newsboys concert, and after it was over asked her to pray for me as I headed off to Eastern Europe. She said sure, and to hang on a sec, she wanted to do something she should have done a while ago, and that she wanted to bless me.
And proceeded to write a check for A LOT!
How much is a lot? Well, lets just say I can now afford a ticket to Budapest (Look up the prices on Yeah Budapest is in Hungary. It's cheaper and safer to fly into Bdpst than Bucharest, Romania.) and a bus ticket from there to pretty much wherever I want to go in Romania, with lots left over to 'keep me in business' once I'm there. HEEE!
And my host brother has been absolutally amazing in getting stuff arranged and reserved for me. I have no clue how many cousins he has, but pretty much wherever I need to go or get to, he has cousins there to 'escort me' or help me get started in ministry. (which is nice because I'm not exactly fluent in Hungarian or Romanian yet!) God is SOO amazing in how He is arranging this! So both my bro and I are e-mailing each other floods of e-mails with the newest updates and poinging with ecstacy on how awesome our God is.
SO! Five weeks and then I'm taking off! I am having a hard time believing that this has gone from dream to reality.
Yeah I know. I'm cracked. Most teenage girls dream about going to a killer college with a great car and a nice apartment or dorm or whatever and an absolutally awesome boyfriend. I dream about going alone to an excommunist country still in transition where outhouses and horse-drawn wagons are still used. Where chickens and cows roam at will, so flip-flops haven't come into fashion yet. My dream is to go there with no training or language schoolo, and work with a bunch of emotionally needy people, like the orphans and street kids. Most people would (and do) call that certifiable. :-)
Well, I have no idea what God's gonna do with or through me while I'm there, but whatever it is I can't wait to be part of it!
Alright, well, my little brother has the flu and I'm home alone with him right now, and the goats need taken out to the pasture (yes I am serious. I live on a mini-farm here in the US, okay! Good training for Romania. *laughes*) and I have a ton of other stuff I need to do, so I need to GET OFF THE COMPUTER now.
Jazzing for Christ,
Princess Ouch.